1+1=3 with Dynamics Objects' Add-on Solutions for Dynamics CRM

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Dynamics Objects' add-on solutions to Microsoft Dynamics CRM are complementary to each other, providing CRM users that extra functionality resulting from the unique design that enables one solution (or workflow task) to act as an input for another solution or workflow task.
Here are some practical examples of combined solutions to prove 1+1=3.

Recurring Invoices + Dynamics Docs
Recurring Invoices solution for CRM is an automated workflow that creates periodical invoices for recurring services.
Dynamics Docs is Word Based reporting system to generate documents, such as Invoice, and attach the invoice, as PDF file, to an Email triggered by a Workflow.
When combined, every time a new recurring invoice is created, a workflow triggers and email to the client with the invoice as a PDF attachment.
Moreover, when combined with Dynamics Signature, the workflow step can add an Email signature to the email, with the invoice attached as PDF file, sent to the client.
Dynamics Docs + Dynamics PDF Docs
While Dynamics Docs can create CRM reports by inserting fields from any CRM record, in a Word document, and in any version of CRM, Dynamics PDF-Docs has similar functionality for CRM 2016 when using Word Templates. By combining the 2 solutions, one can send 2 or more different reports, attached as PDF files, in one single email triggered with a single workflow.
Actually, as all the above products have workflow functionality, you can “chain” more than one task in the same workflow. The concept is very simple. Each workflow has 2 main tasks. The first task is to create an email record, but not to send the Email yet. The task to follow can add a signature and as many types and number of word based reports as a PDF file. Each such task has the option to attach the file and send the Email just attached, or add a signature, but not to send the Email yet. In the last task, set the field “Perform action and send Email now” as true. The following 2 images describe how its done.

Download trial versions:
Dynamics Workflows and Recurring Invoices solutions
Dynamics Docs
Dynamics PDF-Docs
Dynamics Signature


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