Dynamics Workflows - Invoice Modify (Part 3)

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Part 2 of Dynamics Workflows described CRM solution to automatically create recurring invoices in CRM, using CRM products and write-in products. (Read here……..)

In this post we will show how to run a workflow that automatically modifies invoice line item and insert text based on the current date or period. As an example, consider a situation where you already have a CRM solution that automatically creates invoices for services, like monthly IT monitoring services (www.QoS-IT.com or others). In this example, the invoice line item looks like that:

Monthly fees for IT services – US$1,000

We would like the workflow to read the current date, extract the month from the date field and modify the invoice line item to include the month for which the $1,000 is paid for. If the invoice is a charge for a period of three months then we wish the text to include the “from month” and “to month” in the invoice line item. If today’s date is 25th March 2014 then we want the invoice line items to look like that:

Monthly fees for IT services for the month of March – US$1,000

Quarterly fees for IT services for the period March - May – US$1,000

Here are the steps using Dynamics Workflows (download solution here: www.DynamicsObjects.com ):

  1. The workflow starts when invoice is created
  2. Retrieve today’s date using Process Execution Time and use it as an input in Date Function of Dynamics Workflow. The output is the numeric value of the month (1 for January to 12 for December)
  3. The output in step 2 is an input to the Conversion function of Dynamics Workflows. It takes the month number and converts it to month name. Note that at this stage you can calculate x number of months from today using the math function of Dynamics Workflows.
  4. In the last step we search text in invoice line and replace it with the text that includes the month name or period (from month to month).

Invoice Modify2


Invoice Modify3


Invoice Modify4


You can download the trial solution from: www.DynamicsObjects.com

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