General Availability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015: Update 1

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Microsoft has announced general availability of its first update for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015. The update promises to offer intelligent customer engagement that delivers enhancements. These changes will enable employees to efficiently collaborate across sales, service, and marketing departments, to allow them to better engage with customers. Below, we outline the features which make this update noteworthy:

1. A makeover for Dynamics CRM’s User Interface enables the user to do more with less including ease of navigation through less scrolling and fewer clicks. The new User Interface and navigation bar gives the ability to find information easier and faster.


2. If you're working in a complex form with lots of fields, the new form navigation drop-down list makes it easy to get to just the data you need. Choose the drop-down list next to the form title, and then select the section of the form you want to go to.


3. The new navigation User Interface contains the Recently Viewed Items icon, allowing you to quickly get back to the record you were working with.

New UI


 Recently Viewed UI


4. You can add a logo or change the color scheme to stay in sync with your organization’s theme



5. Improvements were also made to the Outlook Integration
a. Track Exchange email activities automatically with folder tracking




b. Track incoming email wherever you are with the new CRM app for Outlook



6. New Operators added for Advanced Find - "older than" operators was added.

67. Calculated fields can now calculate the difference in days because the NOW() function was added. DateDiff will support differences in minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years.

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