How Easy Is It to Learn to Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Reflections from a New Marketing Associate

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When you first start a new job, there is a lot of information thrown at you. New paperwork, desk location, usernames, passwords, documents, processes, and on top of all of that, you also have to learn a whole new computer system to make all of this information useful. How am I supposed to completely learn a new system that I’ve never seen before? How am I supposed to be able to keep up with the people around me who have been using it for years? All these questions are flooding through my head as I am being introduced to people on my way to my new desk. Preparing myself for the daunting task of learning a new computer system, my coworker sits beside me and prepares herself to teach it to me.

Words start flying out of her mouth as she points to the screen to “click here,” “scroll there,” “enter this page,” “open this tab,” and before I know it she says, “So do you think you have it down?” To my surprise, I do. I understood everything she said and then other things that I had heard earlier that day were starting to click in my head. I actually knew what people were talking about. So, to start me off, she gave me a list of records to add into the system. Now, I wasn’t an expert yet and had some questions, but I was surprised at the amount that I was able to do with such little time with the system. I added about twenty new records into the system and had done most of it without asking any questions. From then on, CRM was a breeze. I can add, remove, or edit an Account or a Contact with such ease. I now feel as though I can keep up with my fellow coworkers and not feel as though I am ten paces behind them. For a brand new employee with a lot to learn on the first day, having Microsoft Dynamics CRM as the system to use made the process so much easier.

I still don’t know everything about Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but I’m well on my way.

Submitted by Lindsey Lamphere, Marketing Associate, Altico Advisors Now SikichMicrosoft Dynamics CRM and ERP Partner serving Massachusetts (MA) and beyond.

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