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Do you use Microsoft Dynamics CRM extensively? Did you implement business processes with Dynamics CRM? Chances are that there is at least one process in your daily work that requires extra steps that can be automated and save you time.

In this post I am not referring to large scale and expensive software development for CRM or integration with ERP and accounting systems. My post today is NOT even about a one click to clone a record (Dynamics Clone), the simplicity in creating price quotation and uploading supporting documents with one click of a button, to my Email (Dynamics Attachment), and not even about finding duplicated records that hold content I wish to merge into one record (Dynamics Merge).

My post today is about similar functionality and solutions  when my CRM is so different from others and my processes are so unique to the way I work. In such situations, there is no off the shelf solution I can purchase and use. I need someone to provide me with the functionality I need at fast food prices, what McDonalds calls “Create Your Taste”: build your burger to match your personal needs.

Here is a great example from a customer who called us last week. They have a process using CRM Quote entity to create price proposals. When the customer is happy with the proposal they return a Purchase Order that needs to be stored against the price quotation until the order is completed. During this process you need to re-open the customer’s purchase order to reconfirm order details, which requires opening the record, finding the note where the Purchase Order is attached and opening it. In less than a day of work we provided the client with a button in the Quote toolbar. When clicked they can browse and upload the purchase order as an attachment to Note. The purchase order number is recorded and viewed in the Quote list view. When they click again, it automatically opens the purchase order associated with the selected record. One click to upload the attachment. One click to open it. As simple as that.

So, look at the way you and your employees are using Dynamics CRM. Identify unnecessary repetitions. Take screenshots and email us your requirements. Let us build your burger to match your personal needs.

by Dynamics Objects

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