Insiders Predict New Microsoft Dynamics CRM Could Launch Fall 2013

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CRM customer needs are changing, and CRM software needs to adapt to those changes. This means a new version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is likely coming soon, according to The new version, coming for both on-premises and cloud versions of Dynamics CRM will offer more "personal experiences" to customers who are increasingly more aware of the myriad of shopping alternatives at their fingertips.

With the new version, customers will be able to interact with sales people through a variety of devices, offering more meaningful contextual information, and your sales people will have a much more in-depth and complete portrait of your customers. Customers who are more capable of making informed purchasing decisions may be swayed toward one retailer over another, for example, by the amount of worthwhile interaction they have with salespeople through social media, professional networks, and other methods.

Of course, this new version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM will integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP , to offer a complete front office to back office system.

The new Dynamics CRM will also give its users direct access to MarketingPilot, an automation solution that provides marketing management and campaign monitoring. Customers will be able to interact with each other in the next Dynamics CRM, sharing their knowledge through Yammer, and connecting with Lync and Skype. Yammer and Skype are both major acquisitions that Microsoft customers have been hoping and waiting to see integrated into Microsoft's various services.

"Microsoft is starting take advantage of some of its competitive differentiators, like integrating with Yammer and Skype and the tools that have found to be pretty darn important to sales, marketing and customer service," said Brad Shimmin, principal analyst at Current Analyst.

If Microsoft plays its cards right, it could put a serious dent in the competition with its new customers, while also providing its current customers with an upgrade worthy of both admiration and their continued financial support.


by CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics

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