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Last week,  AKA Enterprise Solutions held an in-office event showcasing some of the great features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015. Our CRM Sales Productivity Specialist Andrew Winters and our CRM Architect James DelaCruz presented on the concept of CRM in motion, business process, automation and mobility. Some of the great enhancements to the latest version of CRM, center around applications that provide ease of access from anywhere, providing Outlook integration across desktop, browser, tablet and phone. If you use OneNote for your work notes you will love the additional integration of this app to all devices. The notebook is created automatically and the notes are stored within CRM and tracked to the specific record.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM also has a mobile phone app so you can make updates and glance at your sales dashboard from anywhere to drive productivity while on the go through a re-designed mobile client built around the following design principles:

  • Efficiency: optimized input - just few clicks based on context
  • Process: process driven experiences – tap on process to reveal
  • Navigation: designed and optimized for phone experiences
  • Configure Once: CRM rules and entities configured in the web application are applied to tablet and phone clients

The guided sales process nudges sellers toward desired outcomes with rule based branching logic and with real-time branch selection. Business process specific APIs (application program interfaces, a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications.) expose the entire process flow programmatically, expose events, and manipulate the process UI.  Multiple close loops allow you to go back and fourth across entities within the same process flow.


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by AKA Enterprise Solutions

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