4 Reasons to Extend Dynamics CRM to Manage Assets, Inventory and more!

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Congratulations….you’ve successfully implemented Dynamics CRM and I can image you and your team are really seeing the benefits of the OOTB (out of the box) functionality and flexibility. Most customers love the user interface and centralized database. It is a great tool for managing your key accounts as well as your sales pipeline. The global search, advanced find and custom views put user in the driver seat. But (isn’t there always a “but”) your sales people and management team are asking more visibility into the products and services that they’re actually selling and managing. They need to know what is available in the warehouse or at other stocking locations. A stocking location could even mean delivery trucks! They need to know the status of that order before they walk in the customer’s door. Bottom line: They need insight and they needed it yesterday.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could leverage your existing Dynamics CRM investment to provide this visibility around inventory? Building off of what you’ve spent so much time and energy perfecting is a no brainer. Here are 4 more reasons that you should extend Dynamics CRM to manage assets, inventory and more:

  1. Provide the same interface with added functionality
  2. Reduce potential errors of duplicate data entry
  3. Eliminate the chaos of disjointed systems
  4. Minimize the impact of change management

With Dynamics CRM, you have an AMAZING platform where you CAN (and should) do more!  WIMS for CRM is a great example of extending the platform.

WIMS for CRM Dynamics CRM platform image


So what does “extending the Dynamics CRM platform” really mean?  The excerpt below came from The CRM Book and does a great job of answering that question:

The big picture: CRM as a development platform

As we are learning throughout this book, CRM includes preconfigured entities, fields, forms, views, security models, reports, and workflows that help businesses manage their sales, marketing, and customer support needs. These out-of-the-box features are designed to provide functionality that is common to most sales, marketing, and service processes.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM also includes many out-of-the-box tools to extend custom business logic into CRM, including the ability to build custom entities, fields, forms, views, security models, and workflow to inject specific business needs into CRM. For example, an insurance company might build a custom entity to store and manage their specific policy types for their customers, build rules into their security model, or build workflows to send reminders when a policy is about to expire or to adjust rates based on the status of the customer. All of this is possible using out-of-the-box tools provided within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The true power within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform is its ability to grow and change to work the way your business works. The examples are endless. However, sometimes more complex business needs require extending the system customizations beyond what is possible using the out-of-the-box tools. When this is the case, businesses can rely on CRM as a development platform. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is built on what is commonly referred to as the “Microsoft Stack”, utilizing .Net, SQL Server, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), and Windows Workflow Foundation.

In addition, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform embraces other web development standards such as HTML and JavaScript to allow businesses to further customize CRM.

With all these options in hand, there are few business software solutions that cannot be met using CRM. And, with much of the functional foundation provided out-of-the-box (the “plumbing”), building highly customized business solutions on CRM is also an extremely cost effective approach to solving a wide variety of business problems.

WIMS for CRM WebinarYou have inventory. You have assets. You have Dynamics CRM. There is nothing stopping you from adding new functionality and data.  WIMS for CRM is a solution built directly on the Dynamics CRM platform and works with Dynamics CRM 2015. It takes all the good from OOTB and makes it better.  Register for an upcoming webinar or visit our WIMS for CRM YouTube Channel for past recordings.

2B Solutions has been providing Dynamics CRM for over 10 years, WMS solutions for built on Dynamics CRM for 5 years and mobile inventory management for 8 years. Our customers and partners say it all. Contact us or talk to your Microsoft Partner about how you can utilize WIMS for CRM within your organization.

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