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Dynamics Workflows – Automating Recurring Invoices (Part 2)

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Part 1 of Dynamics Workflows is an overview of the solution and short description of each of the workflow functions included in Dynamics Workflows (Read Here….). In Part 2 I demo a real-life business processes implemented with Dynamics Workflows and its associated Recurring Invoices CRM  solution.

Organizations that provide periodic services to their customers need a Dynamics CRM system that creates an automated recurring invoice to bill their customers for the services they provide them. Automating Recurring Invoices is a CRM solution that automatically creates invoices based on Invoice templates and Invoice Line-Items Templates, once every week,  month, or any predefined period of time.  The solution comes with 2 customized entities and can be downloaded from this URL:

Invoice Template, which stores the details of the Account to bill, price list and billing cycle


Invoice Line Item Template
, which is linked to Invoice Template (One Invoice can be linked to many Invoice Line Items) and it stores the Product (either CRM product or write-in product), quantity price & tax.



The Recurring Invoice Workflow is started on demand and it will repeat itself every billing cycle. The workflow has the following steps (Image 1 below):

  1. Timeout until Invoice Template=Next Billing Date
  2. Invoice Create – This input form stores the details of how to create new invoice based on the invoice & invoice line item templates (Image 2 below)
  3. Update Record Invoice Template- if there is any error found during this workflow process
  4. Check what is the billing cycle (in this example check if it is a monthly billing cycle)
  5. If it is a monthly billing cycle, calculate Next Billing Date and update this field in the Invoice Template record (image 3 below)
  6. Start child workflow- loop again through same process on next billing cycle

Image 1:

Image 2:



Image 3:




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