Dynamics PDF – Convert CRM Reports to PDF & Attach to Email

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Dynamics PDF
How many steps are required to send price quotation as an email?
With Dynamics PDF – One single click:

Dynamics PDF-In Quote


With Dynamics CRM – Five clicks:

  1. Run Report
  2. Generate Quote Report
  3. Save as PDF
  4. Create Email Activity
  5. Attach PDF to Email

Dynamics PDF converts any CRM report to PDF with the following one click functions:

  • Preview report as PDF
  • Download report as PDF
  • Save the PDF as a note for this record
  • Create an Email and attach the report as PDF document
  • Create an Email and create the report as HTML in the body of the Email message

Dynamics PDF-In Accounts


>>>    Download Trial Version:  www.DynamicsObjects.Com

>>>    Watch This Video:      Dynamics PDF 2 Minutes Video

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1 thought on “Dynamics PDF – Convert CRM Reports to PDF & Attach to Email”

  1. Hi guys,

    I have a quick question, how "programmable" is this tool? Will we be able to use one of our existing reports and attach it to an email we have as part of our workflow?
    Will it allow saving this report to our sharepoint document library too?

    Please do let me know.

    Thanks for your help!

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