Social Insights in Dynamics CRM is like Having Your Own Intelligence Agency Working for You

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With so many new technologies in the marketplace, it’s hard to get excited by every new feature and functionality that gets announced. However, the free addition of Social Insights to Dynamics CRM for Professional License subscribers really does give Microsoft a competitive advantage.

As the old adage says, knowledge is power, and that is what Social Insights from InsideView provides – increased knowledge and information about the companies you have targeted and who may be good candidates to become your customers. Giving you more power.

Businesses cannot afford to spend precious time and resources on prospects who are not a good fit because they do not match the criteria for a good target. This could be because of where they are located, the industry they are in, or their size and revenue. Therefore, sales and marketing people spend a great deal of their time researching this information from the Internet, on such sites as Dun & Bradstreet, Hoover’s, LinkedIn, etc. Then they need to manually enter this information into their CRM system - if they have one - by typing it, or copying and pasting it in.

How much time and effort would they save if all they had to do is identify the companies that they may be interested in, and simply put the name of the company in a lead record, and

Social Insights, through the activated Guided Process, could provide the rest of the information? Of course, filling in a few more fields would provide more accurate information depending on how many companies have the same or similar name.

With information provided from Social Insights, the sales person would see whether or not it met the criteria for a good potential customer. If it did not, the lead record could be disqualified right away without any additional wasted effort. This simple action could save a sales person potentially months of emails and calls before they eventually learned that the target was not a good prospect to begin with.

Social Insights also provides a “Family Tree” feature where a user can see if the company has subsidiaries. There is also a “People” tab where you are able to see the key people of the company to ascertain who would be the best to contact, including their title, address, email address and phone number. If you are selling accounting software and only had the name and information for the VP of Marketing in your CRM, this would not be very helpful. The “Sync” feature allows you to input any of the additional information from Social Insights into your record (i.e. companies, people, etc.) so you control what records are created and updated, and you don’t have to manually enter the information in – it can be entered with one click.

Here are some takeaways:

  • Social Insights provides accurate, complete and updated information about companies and contacts into your CRM.
  • The “Sync” feature allows users to update and enrich records in Dynamics CRM with one click.
  • Social Insights provides users with the information they need to grow their business in less time.
  • It brings all the information needed for pre-call research into each lead, contact, opportunity and account record.
  • It helps users find more key decision makers, provides current contact information, prepares sales people to initiate conversations with relevant insights, and even depicts how company users may be connected to a contact.
  • Social Insights informs users with company and industry insights, including “Conversation Starter” suggestions – that help get a prospect’s attention.
  • Users can receive email alerts about business triggers indicating when prospects may be ready to engage or buy.
  • Social Insights tracks companies and people on a “Watchlist” sending daily email alerts about important business events, including job changes, helping to reduce customer churn and identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Not only do you get more information with Social Insights, it is the targeted information that you asked for, not a data list overload. Moreover, it saves time and effort on administrative and research drudgery, freeing up more time for sales and marketing folks to focus on the targets that count in a more efficient manner – which leads to more wins.

If your organization needs assistance with accessing data, insights, and connections for your customers and prospects, please contact the experts at NexusTek at 303.773.6464 or

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