CRM Named Biggest Software Investment Priority for 2013-14

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Gartner recently revealed that CRM has emerged as the number one priority for application software spending in 2013 and 2014. Besides CRM, ERP and office productivity tools rounded out the top three. The fact that CRM has vaulted past ERP and is projected to drive IT enterprise investments in upcoming years makes sense for many reasons:

  • Firms are struggling to make sense of the sheer magnitude of customer data that they have accumulated over the years.
  • Firms are burdened by their inability to segment their most profitable clients or by a lack of searchable client insights and buyer/investor preferences.
  • Firms are frustrated with their current siloed approach to serving customers, analyzing wallet share, and uncovering cross-sell opportunities.
  • Firms are alarmed at how long it takes to produce client and sales reports.
  • Firms are fearful that their stale client and sales pipeline data may flaw their decision making.
  • Firms feel at risk of losing business to their competitors who better  understand  their customers.
  • Firms feel overwhelmed with the plethora of prospect data available in the marketplace today.

Faced with many of the above pain points, the global business community has placed a renewed focus and emphasis on CRM strategy and technology to improve the customer experience, and thereby increase client retention, expand wallet share, and attract and win new customers.

Time and time again, leading firms are turning to Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help them attain a consolidated, 360 degree view of their clients, prospects, referral sources, and partners. In particular, industry leaders are partnering with Customer Effective, the three time defending Microsoft Dynamics CRM East Region Partner of the Year, to successfully implement CRM in accordance with both their near-term and long-term growth objectives. We can leverage our industry accelerators and IP to help you utilize your data to its fullest potential and unlock its true power by making it more centralized, accessible, searchable, and reportable.

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