Stop Re-pulling Your Marketing Lists and Automate Them!

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With your marketing campaigns comes creative, collateral, and of course marketing lists. Whether you are emailing, calling, or mailing, you need to make sure your marketing lists are up to date. This becomes an extremely tedious task especially when you are working with hundreds and thousands of accounts and contacts.

Within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you are able to create and manage these marketing lists whether it is at the account or contact level. This feature is called Dynamic Marketing lists. So now what does this nifty feature do to help you with your marketing lists? Contacts and accounts are constantly changing, just like your marketing lists. But who can keep track of each contact that has left or joined a company. You have other important tasks you need to take care of. Well once you deactivate a contact in an account, your dynamic marketing list will automatically update and remove that contact. We know that its hard keeping track of when you removed a contact from an account but now you won’t have to.

Worried about Companies that have been removed from your list or database?  No worries; that will also be taken care of with Microsoft CRM. Don’t waste your time trying to update your lists and keep track of changes in your database. So now what do you do with all that extra time? Feel free to take a quick coffee break and get some fresh air; we won’t tell.

Learn more about what Microsoft Dynamics CRM can do for you by clicking here.

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