Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Supports iPad!

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According to The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Blog, Microsoft Dynamics CRM current release offers mobile Safari support. So now you can access CRM on your iPad with mobile Safari without having to install a separate app. (

 The iPad solution is currently available only for CRM Online users and only for companies that elect to join the “new user experience.” To acquire the new user experience, you may install the product updates from the settings – administration page. Using mobile Safari, CRM users will only have access to accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities forms. This will be available for on-premise customers this summer.

 Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online with an iPad, users will be able to manage an opportunity’s sales cycle and update where they are in the sales process. The form allows you to navigate easily as you take a lead to an opportunity to a closed sale. It moves you through the tasks you need to do and drives you through the sales process. With this latest release, Yammer also works within the forms and Bing maps can also display where your accounts are located geographically.

 Microsoft also made this application more user-friendly, and it avoids those pesky pop-ups. There is an auto save feature, eliminating always having to save and close. There are options to view in portrait or landscape. You may also revert back to Mobile Express for CRM Online if you’re not pleased with this newer release. The iPad must be iOS v6.0 and higher, and it’s not fully supported on the iPad mini. Currently there is no JavaScript support or sitemap customization; you literally have to use it as is, exactly as it is displayed.

 Mobile technology can definitely cut costs and increase your team’s productivity! With all the advancements and the advantages of more and more users going mobile, now is the time to consider your alternatives. If you would like to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM for iPad, please contact The TM Group today at 888.482.2864 or visit our website:


Submitted by: Kelly Rose and Jennifer Swiderski, The TM Group

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