Dynamics CRM Addresses Three Key Hurdles for Professional Services Firms

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Successful professional services organizations have many things in common, regardless of what type of service they deliver.  They offer consulting experience, industry-specific expertise, and project insight and guidance that clients can’t wrap up and take back to their office.

 However, inherent in these are challenges that are ever-present regardless of project size or scope.  To overcome these challenges, professional services firms should consider utilizing a customer relationship management solution such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Here are just a few of these areas that Dynamics CRM can help:


Nurturing the Sales Cycle AND the Client

As much as we would like sales cycles to be brief and painless, oftentimes they are the exact opposite.  A critical aspect of the sales cycle is to continually build trust with the client, and this takes time and often extends the sales cycle.  A customer relationship management solution such as Dynamics CRM can help you keep track of all activity occurring with that client including phone conversations, emails sent, content downloaded, and scheduled future calls.  You can keep track of all touches with the client and know that you are strengthening the relationship with each one.


Keeping Everyone Involved and Informed

Rarely does a lengthy sales process involve only a single person.  Like many businesses, professional services firms require a team of people before, during, and after a sale is finalized and these people all have information and insight into the sale.  A system such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows each member of the team to use a familiar interface to enter and view prospect information quickly and easily.


Tracking the Client’s Information and Activity

Maintaining an up-to-date record for each client is critical to the pre- and post-sales process.  By tracking and understanding the activities for each client, you can then deliver the services they require and be proactive in offering other assistance.  Dynamics CRM lets you capture critical client information and offers a central repository of information so your organization always has a “single version of the truth” for each client.  This also allows new team members to get caught up quickly on clients and maintains data integrity if a critical staff member leaves.


Dynamics CRM for your Professional Services Firm

Your organization requires a customer relationship management system that is built for how you run your business.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers a multitude of benefits to help professional services firms overcome their business challenges.  Contact Steve Kane (skane@broadpoint.net, 301-634-2404) at BroadPoint Technologies, the mid-Atlantic’s largest Microsoft Dynamics reseller, to discuss your organizations requirements.

by BroadPoint Technologies

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