AbleBridge Solves Business Challenges with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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We’ve been evangelizing the value proposition of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform for quite some time now.  One where any business can mold a business solution specific to the relationships they need to manage.  The concept of XRM (X = Anything Relationship Management) is one we’ve been talking about for years.  I could certainly forego yet another acronym out there; but it really does encapsulate the value of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. 

Here are some recent real world examples of some business challenges we solved - across industry and business function with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.

1)      Automated the commission tracking process in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for an Insurance Agency  

  • Automated the inbound processing of monthly commission statements received from multiple Insurance Carriers.
  • Automated the calculation of outbound commissions paid to the Agency’s producers.
  • Transformed a manual process that once took 2 weeks a month to complete to one that now takes four hours a month to complete.

 2)      Implemented a project tracking system in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a Professional Services firm who wanted to track new customer onboarding deliverables.  

  • Created the concept of a project template with associated activity items for each type of project.
  • Provided consistency is deliverables and visibility into the ‘next steps’ scheduled for each customer implementation.

3)      Implemented a sales call tracking system in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for an Equipment Manufacturer.

 AbleBridge has helped many organizations marry business process with technology using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Feel free to contact AbleBridge to learn more or request additional information.

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