Get $150 cash per license off Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

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With the recently announced “Cloud CRM for Less” offer Microsoft continues to be aggressive in their recruitment of customers into their CRM cloud.  Businesses in the market for a new CRM solution will find this offer very compelling; not only do they get one of the best CRM solutions in the industy but they get cold hard cash to use any way they want.

This offer is a continuation of last year’s offer ($200 cash back per license); and as they say, ‘past offers are not an indicator of future offers – or something like that – but if this trend continues my vote would be to take advantage of it now.  And we’re still taking $44/user/month so it’s a tremendous value.

Couple key points about the offer:

  •  Valid until March 31, 2012
  •  Organizations must subscribe to at least 50 users (that’s $7,500 cash back)
  •  Organizations must sign up for a 2 year subscription

We had several customers take advantage of last year’s offer ($200 cash back per license) and it really helped them jumpstart the implementation while covering most of the associated implementation costs.  We actually had a handful of customers that not only covered their entire implementation but actually made a lot of money in the process!!

AbleBridge has helped hundreds of businesses streamline their business operations, boost people productivity, and achieve great business visibility with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and we continue to see the product evolve into a world-class solution.  It’s a great time for customers so feel free to contact AbleBridge if you have any questions or want to learn more about how we can help your organize realize the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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