How “De-Coding” Your CRM Software Can Result in Costly Manipulation

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We’re much more tech-savvy than we were 20 years ago, but users also demand a more user-friendly and intuitive interface. Otherwise, you can forget about user adoption throughout your organization. If your CRM Software is hard to use and not helpful in the first place, then the investment you made on the software is at risk of going down the drain.

So what are your next steps? How can you “de-code” your software to work the way you need it to? Some companies take two approaches that can actually result in disaster. Let’s take a look:

  1. Manipulate the actual software: Manipulating or trying to “de-code” your software to work the way you want it to can cost big bucks and may not be the most effective way to gain the control and insight you need to maintain your business. If you have to tweak your software to meet your basic requirements, then it’s only going to get more complicated when advanced needs show up due to company growth and/or market changes.
  2. Manipulate your employees: If your software can’t adapt, then company employees adapt to the software as much as possible. This approach backfires more times than not. If you run your business according to what your software can handle, then you’re not focusing on the main purpose of your company. It’s nearly impossible to respond to customer demands or market trends if you’re stuck cross-checking data or working with inaccurate information.

If you’re not interested in experiencing potential disasters as a result of software or employee manipulation, then it may be time to consider Microsoft Dynamics CRM. There isn’t a need to de-code anything because it’s plain as day for all users. It’s connected to Microsoft Outlook, an application you and your team probably use all day, every day and it provides a deep level of insight in easy-to-read charts and graphs.


By Julie Fuller with Cargas Systems, Pennsylvania Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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