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Devriez-vous privilégier l’implantation d’une solution CRM standard ou personnalisée ?

Un des nombreux avantages d’une solution CRM telle que Microsoft Dynamics 365 est qu’elle fournit une plateforme flexible et personnalisable à partir de laquelle toutes vos activités peuvent être complétées. Elle peut être ainsi adaptée à vos besoins spécifiques et à la réalité unique de votre entreprise pour faciliter vos tâches et opérations quotidiennes.   […]

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Standard or Customized CRM Solution: Which One Should You Consider?

One of the many advantages of a CRM solution such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 is that it provides a highly flexible and customizable platform from which all your activities can be completed. As such, it can be personalized to meet all your specific needs and adapt to the unique reality of your organization to facilitate […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customization: Multi-value selection

Microsoft Dynamics CRM customizations transform an already powerful out-of-the-box software solution into a tailor-made CRM solution that fits every need of your business. The technical team at InterDyn Artis has worked with companies across the Southeast to improve unique processes with advanced Microsoft Dynamics CRM customization. These include (among many others) adding an easier way to record […]

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Max Field Limit Dilemma in Dynamics CRM

We had a potential customer contact us with a unique problem – they were building out their Dynamics CRM solution, and they encountered the limit on the maximum number of fields an entity can have well before they were finished adding all the fields that were needed.  Out of the box, the Account entity in […]

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THE CRM TRIO: CRM Integration, CRM Customization, CRM Automation

CRM is a great tool for all sorts of business types and can be integrated, customized, and automated to meet a variety of challenges.  We call it the CRM Trio.  For example, we’ve integrated with shipping solutions like and VISCO, e-commerce sites like and Volusion, distribution and warehouse software, and an assortment of […]

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Why CRM is a Great Platform to Build On

I've been using Dynamics CRM for over five years. I continue to be amazed at what CRM offers our team, here at Rockton Software, in collecting and sharing important information. CRM is one of those products I deem “Microsoft got right” since their 3.0 release, and their focus on simplicity and integration with Outlook.  My […]

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Should you Customize your CRM Software? When Out-of-the-Box May be Just Right

Additional customizations to your software can mean big bucks, but in some cases it’s absolutely necessary.  How do you know if customizations are right for your CRM software? There are many powerful CRM software solutions available that can be successfully implemented right out-of-the-box, including Microsoft Dynamics® CRM.  Occasionally, businesses might require a little tweaking of […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 and Silverlight, a Match Made in Heaven!

Silverlight is a Microsoft platform development that allows creation of interactive and user-friendly UI (user interface) easily. It manages graphical animations and videos and gives the developer a lot of rich controls to build advanced UI quickly. This is a perfect fit for CRM users that want to customize or redesign forms and parts of CRM that […]

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20 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Industry Solutions Reviewed By

Lauren Carlson writes about various topics related to CRM software at In a recent article she writes about value-added resellers (VARs) and independent software vendors (ISVs) who are extending the core Dynamics CRM applications to meet the unique needs of companies in a range of vertical markets. To demonstrate the specificity of these solutions, […]

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