Max Field Limit Dilemma in Dynamics CRM

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We had a potential customer contact us with a unique problem – they were building out their Dynamics CRM solution, and they encountered the limit on the maximum number of fields an entity can have well before they were finished adding all the fields that were needed.  Out of the box, the Account entity in CRM includes many built-in fields that count against this field limit.  These include all fields needed for two sets of addresses (46 fields), communication preferences (7 fields), account aging (6 fields) and many more.  It’s easy to see how the addition of numerous custom fields to the many built-in fields could cause a problem.

It was up to our CRM experts to identify and implement a solution!  We began with a broad discovery – what does the business do and what do they need to track.  As our discovery continued, we determined that the recommended solution would be to create multiple custom entities.  This enabled us to add as many fields as they needed, keep the fields organized in logical categories, and also prevent any one entity form from being unmanageable.

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