Standard or Customized CRM Solution: Which One Should You Consider?

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One of the many advantages of a CRM solution such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 is that it provides a highly flexible and customizable platform from which all your activities can be completed. As such, it can be personalized to meet all your specific needs and adapt to the unique reality of your organization to facilitate your daily tasks and operations.


However, one approach is to wait before customizing the solution, and get started with a standard CRM solution. This way, users can get used to the various features and functionalities available out of the box, while you will gain a better understanding of what needs to be modified or added to facilitate the management of your business.


JOVACO Solutions, for instance, offers 4 different CRM turnkey packages for your business to get started according to its specific needs. Firms of all sizes can find the implementation package that best meets their current needs and reality: for instance, smaller organizations or start-ups with no existing CRM data can obtain a basic CRM solution to manage their contacts, while larger organizations can opt for a complete solution that offers a global view of their business processes.


Whichever package you choose, it can always be customized later for you to tailor the solution to your exact needs. For instance, workflows, reports and dashboards can be personalized according to the needs of the user and their specific role and responsibilities. Readily available third-party products can also be used to provide additional functionality to the solution, and if needed, custom developments can be made to create new entities and fields. However, by first getting started with an out-of-the-box implementation package, your organization can obtain a working CRM solution quickly and become familiar with the tools and functionalities it provides.


If your company is planning to implement a CRM system, check out JOVACO’s implementation packages for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and see how you could get started quickly with your own CRM solution.


To find out how all teams and departments across your organization can benefit from access to a CRM solution, read our eBook CRM is Not Just for Salespeople and learn how even non-sales resources can leverage its capabilities and the wealth of data contained within.


By JOVACO Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 specialist in Quebec

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