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These days, many CRM firms say they are customer-centric, but I personally believe their approach to implementation belies that claim.

The problem lies in that much of the work is based on an hourly rate. No matter how competitive that rate may be, we've all experienced a project or two that started with a 15-hour estimate and grew to 50, 80, or even 100 hours. And that's a customer's worst nightmare.

I have asked myself, "If I were a customer, what would I want from me?" And the answer is easy.

  • "I want to reduce my risk."
  • "I want someone who is truly looking out for my interests."
  • "I really want to know how much this is going to cost me up-front – no surprises."

Boiling it all down: I want a fixed-fee CRM implementation from a company that is so confident they can deliver that they offer a money-back guarantee.

We've got you covered.

At Azamba Consulting Group, when we developed our OnTrack CRM Success System we started with the customer's needs first and worked our way out.

  1. These are the customer's requirements.
  2. The project involves x amount of consulting, planning, installation, and implementation to deliver x amount of value.
  3. That means x is a fair price for the value the customer will receive.

That system delivers a fixed fee, fully-scoped CRM migration, upgrade, and training plan.

But fixed-fee doesn't mean rigid or inflexible. Our clients can choose:

  • Basic Plan: For the budget-conscious and CRM-savvy, we provide only minimal assistance for the largely self-directed implementation.
  • Preferred Plan: For those who are looking to get the most from their new system but have a pretty good idea of where they're going and how they want to get there.
  • Premium Plan: This will appeal to clients looking for a white-glove, valet parking type approach.

Here's the difference: No matter what plan they choose, the customer has a clear picture of what they're getting and what their total cost will be before they sign on the dotted line.

No stress, no suspicion, no surprises.

Review OnTrack Plan details for Microsoft Dynamics 365

What matters to us (and to you!) are the results we deliver, not the hours spent.

With this approach, we stay friends through the whole process. My team is happy, and I am too because we really don't want to talk about hours.

If the client pays the same no matter what, will it matter to him if we spend more time on a particular task? Or whether the task is being performed by my most experienced consultant or my new recruit fresh out of college? Not at all if we deliver the stellar service we promised.

Hours matter to customers when they directly correlate to their bottom line. And charging by the hour puts every detail of the process under a microscope, creating an atmosphere of distrust between vendor and client. "That took how long? I could do that in an hour. Are you overcharging." Not a fun conversation.

Do you know what sounds better? "This is how much you will pay for us to deliver these results. If you're satisfied with these terms, we can move forward." That conversation always ends with a handshake, and whether we enter into an agreement or not, we stay on friendly ground. The terms are clear and fair. We discuss the cost upfront like adults.

For us, at Azamba Consulting Group, it is about results. It is about changing the conversation from hours to outcome.

And yes, we even offer a 100% money-back guarantee on every CRM implementation.

If this is the conversation you want to have with your CRM Partner, let's talk.

Contact me online or call 888.724.3999.

By Peter Wolf, Azamba Consulting Group,

Peter Wolf is the president and founder of Azamba. He has spent the last 20 years focused on helping small and medium-sized businesses become more profitable through effective and efficient usage of CRM.

His passion is blending the promise of CRM with the realities of business needs to create successful outcomes.

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