Face Dynamics 365 CRM Document Management and SharePoint Security challenges head-on with SharePoint Security Sync

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SharePoint Security Sync

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM’s one of the primary roles is to manage customer relationships. And because of the document management capabilities of SharePoint from within Microsoft Dataverse model-driven or customer engagement app, they are often used together. Even though both have their own advanced security models, they differ a lot. This is why, out-of-the-box integration from Microsoft doesn’t sync Dynamics 365 CRM permissions and SharePoint privileges. This results in potential data mismanagement as people who don’t have access to documents in Dynamics 365 CRM can get it in SharePoint.

Inogic’s SharePoint Security Sync is powerful Microsoft AppSource Preferred 5 star rated app that monitors privilege changes for Dynamic 365 data items in the background and automatically synchronizes these changes to respective items in SharePoint. Let us explore its features and understand how it can help your business!

  1. Cost-effective file storage

As your businesses scales, your free Dynamics 365 CRM storage capacity gets exhausted. The increase in database size results in increased storage costs along with performance issues. To avoid excessive document storage cost, cloud storages like SharePoint are used. But to move all the Dynamics 365 CRM history attachments in SharePoint becomes a daunting task. SharePoint Security Sync, with its bulk migrating job feature, can help you with this transition smoothly.

  1. Custom SharePoint document library

SharePoint has a limitation of only allowing to store 50,000 items in a single document library. And since most of the client relationships are maintained using emails which contain multiple attachments, notes, etc., overcoming this shortcoming is a necessity. Using SharePoint Security Sync’s newest feature ‘Create Custom Folder Structure’, this can be done easily. This feature can be configured for any OOB or Custom Entity. The library structure can be created in three different types namely ‘by period’, by starting character, or by custom rules. With this feature, the records and their attachments can be organized in a systematic way.

  1. SharePoint Document security and integrity

As SharePoint is only a cloud storage, does not look at the security aspects of the uploaded CRM data. And this is again where SharePoint Security Sync comes to the rescue. SharePoint Security Sync auto-syncs the security privileges in SharePoint as per the security privileges set in Dynamics 365 CRM. Whenever a security role of any user is changed in your Dynamics 365 CRM, the same gets reflected in SharePoint automatically. Suppose one of the employees in ClimbClouds has been rewarded for their outstanding performance and have been designated the role of Product Manager. As their security role is changed in CRM, the same will be automatically synced in SharePoint.

  1. Convenient access to SharePoint files

SharePoint Security Sync comes with a user-friendly interface that allows users perform everyday actions on SharePoint files and folders from within Dynamics 365 CRM. You can drag and drop multiple files and folders from CRM to SharePoint thereby helping users to move/upload folders easily. Delete, rename, share files as attachments or links through emails and much more, all from within your CRM.

  1. Collaboration between teams and team members

Using SharePoint Security Sync, collaboration between teams and members have also become easier for Climb Cloud employees. Suppose one of the employees needs to share a particular record with a colleague with limited privileges, they can do so by sharing the record. In this way, SharePoint Security Sync manages all the security privileges of users regardless of the situation.

  1. DocuSign Integration

Using SharePoint Security Sync, users can get the benefits of DocuSign to electronically sign and send Dynamics 365 CRM document stored in SharePoint without navigating from one UI to another. A considerable amount of time and effort can be saved using this thereby increasing productivity of the users.

Inogic, Microsoft Gold Partner, highly recommend this Microsoft AppSource preferred app for all your document management and security needs. To get a customized demo on how this app can help fulfill your business needs, contact us at crm@inogic.com.

Store your Dynamics 365 CRM documents and attachments in a smart way, the Inogic way!

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