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Imagine your company growing, expanding, opening new offices, and reaching out to new clients around the globe. It is an exciting idea to contemplate, but also one that can be a bit frightening. As your company grows, you will need to decide if your CRM system can accommodate that growth. If it cannot, you might be in the market for a new one or find yourself with an overpriced CRM system that does not do what you want.


An alternative to this scenario is to find out just how much your CRM system will actually cost, rather than just the sticker price. The total cost of ownership is more than just licensing. You will need to factor in the deployment, implementation, and support. Are you going to use online or on-premise CRM? How much will you spend on support? Who will provide the support?


These and other questions are all ones you need to ask and answer. Fortunately, CRM Software Blog offers a Microsoft Dynamics Online Quick Quote Tool which can get you started in determining just how much your CRM system will cost you from the first licensing to long-term support. Simply fill out the quote request form and be well on your way to a deeper understanding of the total cost of owning a Dynamics 365 (formerly Dynamics CRM) system from Microsoft.


The Microsoft Dynamics Online Quick Quote Tool is free and available immediately from . Whether you are looking to replace your legacy CRM system or dive into customer relationship management (CRM) for the first time, the quick quote tool can help you get started.


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