Interview Questions to Ask Your Own Team Before Starting a CRM Software Evaluation

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HiRes (2)Did you know that the experts who can provide the best start to your CRM software evaluation are right within your own organization?

Before you engage an outside vendor why not take the time to interview your own team using the questions below. This will give you a clear picture of what you have now, and your requirements for a new CRM software system.

Each team within your organization has their own story to tell. Here are suggestions to learn the most from your Sales, Service and Marketing teams.

What the Sales team cares about:

The sales team wants better visibility into customer data. They need to effectively manage and prioritize customer leads/opportunities and have more insights into trends in their opportunities, pipeline, and customers. And of course their ultimate goal is to drive revenue.

Questions to ask your Sales Team:

  1. Are our sales professionals social sellers?
  2. What percentage of our salespeople’s time is actually spent selling? Describe a typical day for one of our sellers.
  3. What are some of the issues that keep our salespeople from being able to do their
    jobs efficiently?
  4. Do salespeople have easy access to the tools and information they need, in the field or in
    the office?
  5. Do we know what our customers are saying about us? Do our sales reps need insight
    into what customers have responded to?
  6. How do our tools help us understand customer lifecycle maturity and deliver a personalized experience?
  7. How does our current CRM solution help us gain data, social insights, and connections to make every customer conversation more relevant, valuable, and productive?
  8. How do we manage and track interactions with our prospects, customers, and partners?
  9. How are we using social media to improve our business, increase our sales, and enhance customer perception of our business?
  10. Do we have one or many tools to plan marketing, sales, services, and support? If many, do they work together to deliver an end-to-end view of our customers’ interaction with our teams?
  11. What goals do we think we could achieve with more consistent and deeper usage of sales
    tools and better customer information?

What the Services team cares about:

The Services team at your organization needs to enabling customer service reps to quickly and accurately provide customers with the right answers across all interaction channels. They want faster resolution times and more opportunities to cross-sell/upsell.  Ultimately they know this will result in higher customer loyalty.

Questions to ask your Services team:

  1. Does our solution provide a powerful knowledge base, multi-channel support, with simple self-service and social care, so that we can connect to the right person, at the right time, with the right information, to meet the customer’s needs?
  2. Do our customers interact with our company via a browser or chat via self-service capabilities?
    Is this integrated into high-touch case management?
  3. How do we manage customer service engagement across all interaction channels?
  4. Does our system enable customer to choose from multiple channels, including proactive web chat?
  5. How does our solution enable our service reps to upsell and cross-sell?
  6. How do our tools help employees collaborate and provide exceptional customer service?
  7. Does our current CRM system provide flexibility in operations, enabling us to respond to changing situations easily and quickly?

What the Marketing team cares about:

The marketing team is playing an increasingly strategic role within the business, collaborating with the sales team to define success metrics in addition to crafting solutions that engage consumers across various channels and devices with the highest return on investment (ROI) possible.  They want to target marketing activities to prospects based on the stage in the sales cycle and capture prospects with the right information at the right time on the right channel. Their goal is to build pipeline and prove results.

Questions to ask your marketing team:

  1. Is our current CRM system able to provide powerful analytics combined with social insights to help us understand how our brand is perceived and what the market demands,
    so that we can plan effectively provide the right products/service?
  2. How does our solution help us to personalize every customer interaction?
  3. How do we drive our campaigns?
  4. How do we track and gather information about what the market is doing or saying (for example, social media)?
  5. How are we monitoring what the market is saying about our brand and products in social forums?
  6. How are we generating attention and demand for our products/services and offers?
  7. What tools do we use to manage our marketing interactions?
  8. How do we determine and show our return on investment (ROI) for marketing dollars spent?

These questions will no doubt stimulate conversations and ideas. Based on the answers AbleBridge can help you determine how Microsoft Dynamics CRM would best fit your business.

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By AbleBridge, now a Crowe Horwath company.

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