Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the Public Sector: Helping Government Help Its People

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Most people think of CRM in business terms: Lead tracking, contact dates, and similar sales-oriented functions. But CRM has been successfully applied in non-business roles in ways that may surprise you. For instance, the rich features found in the latest CRM software makes it an ideal candidate to handle many of the tasks performed by government.


For example, case workers can leverage the customer tracking tools to manage treatment plans and coordinate with internal and external organizations to better serve their clients. In fact, CRM can help any organization track or manage just about anything, including customers, cases, permits, licenses, tax records, patients, and much more.


CRM can be used to:

  • Streamline organizational processes.
  • Glean valuable insights through business intelligence.
  • Increase collaboration through instant messaging, voice and video conferencing, and social communication.
  • Enable staff to be more proactive toward their clients and constituents.
  • Provide more visibility and accountability for senior officials.


AKA Green Beacon has leveraged the flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for public sector agencies at the local, state, and federal levels.


How the Veterans Administration Uses CRM for Case Management


Veterans and their families rely on the U.S. Veterans Administration to make sure they receive needed benefits, education, and other services. VA case managers from six non-clinical programs were working with more than 100,000 seriously ill or injured veterans on health- and benefit-related issues. There was no centralized database for case management, and coordination between the case managers was virtually impossible.


AKA Green Beacon’s Health and Human Services Case Management Solution, built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, provided a single interface that integrated all the information and automated the processes, allowing case managers to see all the data – regardless of program – related to each veteran. That solution now supports over 1,500 case managers and other users serve our veterans.


CRM Across the Public Sector: Citizens’ Service (311) and Grants Management


CRM can be used in other areas as well. Citizens’ 311 Service, built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, helps governments respond quickly to citizen requests and inquiries, and more. Citizen’s 311 Service is used by Fairfax County’s Board of Supervisors to inform its citizens, gather valuable feedback, and build a stronger bond with its citizens.


Another vital area in the public sector is grants management. Enterprise Grants Management, also built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, offers agencies complete control over the grant management process, including process automation, customized workflows, and increased transparency. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Children & Families uses Green Beacon’s Grants Management Solution to work with over 30 organizations participating in the program to help people find jobs.


US Department of VA CRM Case StudyTo find out more about how CRM can be used to help your organization, read the Department of Veterans Affairs case study and see how that organization realized significant cost savings while improving customer service.


byAKA Green Beacon

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