Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile & Browser Options

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Workers today depend more and more on their mobile devices. Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes a mobile CRM module that works with any web-enabled phone or device. This allows Microsoft Dynamics users real-time access to customer information, the opportunity pipeline, leads, marketing and customer service functionality. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile module is list driven, is easily configurable and allows for the creation of online forms with ease. Although it is easy to use and customize, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM mobile module doesn’t allow some very desirable mobile CRM functions such as tracking email replies from your mobile device in CRM. It is also dependent upon Internet Explorer as the browser.


However, there are also integrated solutions available that offer mobile apps for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile platform for multiple device platforms. These tools are optimized for mobile device screens and touch navigation, allowing easier use, and many also allow you to push emails from the mobile device to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM database. With many of these add-ons, email tracking works in much the same way as promoting emails in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook add-on. Some even allow you to promote phone call activities from your smartphone to CRM. A true CRM mobile application should provide a very tactical or targeted experience based on function. One of the most popular of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM mobile third parties has been Tendigits (


There are also some new features coming out that will definitely impact how users will interact with Microsoft Dynamics CRM—Microsoft is releasing a new version that can be accessed with Windows 8, Androids and iPhones at no extra cost! Until the Microsoft Dynamics CRM December 2012 Service Update, desktop and laptop users had to use IE (Microsoft Internet Explorer). Now, with the December 2012 Service Update, they can use the latest version of IE, Chrome or Firefox, and Macintosh users can use Safari, Firefox or Chrome.


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By: Jennifer Swiderski (Marketing Manager), Kevin Alexander (Senior CRM Consultant) and Ken Jacobsen (Director of Sales and Marketing)  - The TM Group

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