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The TM Group's Logo Microsoft Social Engagement

Salespeople today are turning to social media tools to increase their conversion rates. And it's easy to see why: A Heniz Marketing survey of 600 North American B2B professionals, according […]

The TM Group's Logo 4 reasons small businesses need to immediately adopt CRM

Small business owners have a lot on their plate. Each day they're constantly managing everything from client accounts and lead generation to sales and production. And, if they don't have […]

The TM Group's Logo 5 ways CRM can improve employee performance

If your employees' productivity has dropped off, you need to fix the situation immediately because these problems typically don't resolve themselves. A CRM solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales […]

The TM Group's Logo Microsoft Dynamics 365’s CRM helps gain customer understanding

Microsoft Dynamics 365’s CRM offering gives a wide range of businesses the ability to understand customer data at a deeper and more complete level than legacy systems. The wide-ranging benefits […]

The TM Group's Logo 3 ways to transform your business

If you're looking to make changes to your business, take a look at Microsoft Dynamics 365. This robust, easy-to-use system eliminates data silos from your company, which improves the transfer […]

The TM Group's Logo Microsoft Dynamics 365’s CRM components solves some of your office's greatest challenges

Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or Microsoft Dynamics 365 as it is now known, gives companies the ability to quickly solve many of their most challenging problems. CRMs, in general, sync different […]

The TM Group's Logo CRM solutions remain enduringly popular but proper use is critical

CRM solutions are a time-tested answer to many long-term concerns of businesses around customer interactions and sales. Managing those relationships - the core value proposition of CRM software - helps businesses […]

The TM Group's Logo Increase employee engagement with Microsoft Dynamics 365

One of an entrepreneurs' number one business goals is to increase revenue. However, to do so, these business owners need to also increase employee engagement so workers are more efficient […]

The TM Group's Logo Microsoft Dynamics 365 and The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) provides a variety of opportunities for business software users. Companies that utilize ERP and CRM solutions often look for information sources to feed into the […]

The TM Group's Logo Give your salespeople a break today, implement a CRM solution

It's not easy being a salesperson. To increase sales, these professionals have to conduct a number of tasks throughout the day. These typically involve staying updated on the company's latest […]


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