Microsoft’s Investment in Cloud Computing: How Microsoft Dynamics CRM Brings You to the Cloud

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Some analysts say cloud computing represents a complete change in the way computing is done in corporations. Merrill Lynch (MER) estimates that within the next five years, the annual global market for cloud computing will surge to $95 billion. In a May 2008 report, Merrill Lynch estimated that 12% of the worldwide software market would go to the cloud in that period.

This is proving to be quite true in the market; cloud computing is a HOT Topic and one technology companies are spending a lot of money on. It had been reported in an online publication  of “The Inquirer” that Microsoft projected to spend US$9.5 billion dollars in 2010 on research and development of cloud computing. Well their advancements have not gone unnoticed:

Microsoft Dynamics® CRM offers any number of deployment options, depending on your needs. On-demand, on-premise, and partner-hosted models are available for Microsoft Dynamic CRM. If your deployment requirements change so can your CRM software deployment options as each deployment option is built on the same modern architecture and data model. For example, you can take your configurations and data hosted by Microsoft and move to In-House or to a Microsoft Partner web based CRM software hosted model.

The capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the cloud are advancing continuously. If you’re interested in more information about cloud computing for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, please contact us here at Rimrock Corporation.

Posted by Jonathan Taub Rimrock Corporation Toronto Ontario Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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