Built-In CRM Reports Vs. the Data You Really Need

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM v4.x comes with a wide variety of tools to view the data in your CRM system.  Through the use of SQL Reporting Services reports, elaborate charts and dashboards can be created and are provided through many of the built-in reports as well as available accelerators from the open source Codeplex.com website.  Beyond these accelerators, the ability to export data into Microsoft Excel as dynamic pivotTable and worksheets from CRM enables you to take advantage of the most widely used analytics engine on the planet.  Through the tools available in SharePoint, additional accelerators are available as well as custom code opportunities to create most any type of dashboard imaginable.  Beyond all these great choices are a number of outstanding 3rd party Business Intelligence tools such as from Zap Technology and C360. 

All of these tools and products do great things and we deploy these at many of our clients. But what we have discovered is that the majority of the time, all people really need or want is a better way to represent the data they already know how to get out of Microsoft Dynamics CRM using Advanced Find and they want to be able to do it themselves in a matter of minutes rather than sitting with a programmer and spending days of time.

Sikich has developed Snapshot Charts for CRM™ with the thought that if you could design an Advanced Find query, you can build a chart and if you can build a chart, you could put a few of them together to create your own dashboard. That is what Snapshot Charts for CRM is all about: taking the ease of use and power of the Advanced Find query tool provided by Microsoft Dynamics CRM v4.0 and extending it by making it the data source of a chart.

Snapshot Charts for CRM allows users to put CRM data into charts and dashboards. The dashboards are dynamic, allowing for in-place drill down, customization, and links to the underlying CRM data. This is a great tool to bridge the gap between the data collected in CRM and a quick snapshot of that data to help businesses better understand customer behavior, analyze sales, identify opportunities for revenue and cost savings, and improve overall decision-making.

Contact us to learn more about the creating dashboards in Microsoft Dynamics CRM or to request a trial of Snapshot Charts for CRM.

Specializing in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sikich is a Chicago-based Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. We work with over 4000 customers in 4 states: Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Kansas, in a variety of industries with a focus on manufacturing and distribution, professional services, education, and not-for-profit.

By Jim Drumm with Sikich, Chicago IL Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner serving IL and MO

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