What is XRM – Part 5, Membership Organization Example

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In previous blogs, I discussed the concept of XRM (Xtended Relationship Management) which is building unique business applications by leveraging the extensibility of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  I gave examples of companies that have used deployed XRM and how it helped them move their businesses forward.  In this installment, I will give an example of a company that used the extensibility architecture of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to better align activities with objectives and to retain members.

We work with a membership organization that represents community health centers through education, resources, and support.  Objectives for the organization are set each year by the board of directors and numerous internal projects are executed and managed in order to achieve these objectives.  The organization was struggling with aligning projects with objectives and with providing visibility in to the effort expended and results achieved.  They were also having a hard time quantifying the benefits that each member received in return for its membership fee. The result was time wasted on projects and activities that did not achieve the objectives set forth by the board and also in members that did not fully comprehend the value of their membership.

After an extensive analysis of their objectives, we proposed an XRM solution based on Dynamics CRM.  We modified the standard Contact and Account forms to track specialized information about members.  We created custom forms for Organizational Objectives, Projects, Time Slips, etc. and related this information in meaningful ways.  We then created custom reports to show how projects were achieving objectives and the dollar value benefit that each member was receiving.  All of this was accomplished without custom code.

Now, team members can easily track project progress against objectives and can report that information to management and the board of directors, resulting in less wasted time.  They can now also provide their members with individualized quantitative analysis when reviewing the high value of their membership which means higher member satisfaction and retention.

To learn more about how XRM applications developed on Microsoft Dynamics CRM can benefit your organization, download a free whitepaper here.

By NexusTek – Colorado Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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