Microsoft Dynamics CRM Continues to Grow

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Respondents reported on their primary objectives for their CRM initiatives in 2010 through a European Gartner Survey. The survey uncovered significant changes in the top three rankings from 2009 and saw the appearance of acquiring new customers as the No. 2 objective for 2010.

“In last year’s survey it was ranked sixth in order of priority, and its appearance indicates that organizations now believe they should be finding new customers instead of focusing their efforts purely on existing customers,” says Chris Pang, principle research analyst at Gartner. “Growth is very hard to achieve without net new customers. Customer satisfaction moved to the top objective in 2010, previously ranked No. 2, while enhancing cross-sell and upsell of products and services moved down to No. 3 priority for 2010.”

So what does this mean for the future of your business? CRM is ever more essential in how we track, follow up, and communicate with our existing customers. The more pressure on you to enhance your customer communications, the more you are bound to realize that Microsoft Dynamics® CRM will put you ahead of the game.

If you have further questions on the different spectrums of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, please contact or call 877-801-ROCK [7625] to get a free trial of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The 20 years of experience we here at Rimrock Corporation can provide ensures that your implementation will be a success. Rimrock Corporation also offers a full line-up of Microsoft Dynamics classroom training suited to your needs and your schedule to help your staff maximize the power of the software solution.

By Jonathan Taub with Rimrock Corporation , Ontario Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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