What can we expect in the next release of Dynamics CRM?

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Microsoft has recently announced that they expect the next release of Dynamics CRM (code named CRM 5) to be available sometime in the second half of 2010.  I expect Microsoft will provide much more detail on this exciting new version of Dynamics CRM next week at Convergence, its annual Dynamics customer conference in Atlanta, but it already looks like some great stuff.  Here is an early list some of my favorite productivity enhancements that we might expect to see in the next version:

  • Office-like ribbon navigation.
  • Improved data visualization with imbedded charts and graphs.  (You can see some of this now in Dynamics CRM Online).
  • Entity forms no longer have tabs but instead become one long form with quick navigation to specific sections from the left hand navigation bar.
  • Out of the box integration to SharePoint primarily aimed and document management.
  • User data filtering in list views.
  • Related records viewable inline within the entity form.
  • Lookups based on a filtered query.
  • Team ownership of records.
  • Customizable form headers and footers.
  • Global pick lists.
  • Drag and drop form editing.

As I review this list, I am reminded how focused Microsoft is at continuously improving user efficiency and effectiveness across all of their product lines, and it is looking like Dynamics CRM 5 will be a huge beneficiary of that effort.

By NexusTek – Colorado Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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