Rapid Response Wins Government Contracts

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Keep your business development team lean and focused on revenue production by streamlining your processes to select and respond to Contracts and Task Orders. 

Selection and standardization

While bid consolidators such as Input make it easier for your Government Contractor business development team to find the right contracts to bid on, they make it easier for your competitors as well. By only selecting the Contracts and Task Orders that fit your organization’s strengths, you can focus your efforts on more relevant and targeted responses.  The standardization of award vehicles has helped to make the bidding process easier, but response timelines are now shorter.  By building a bid response process that is fast and efficient, you can meet those deadlines with high-quality proposals.

Define your processes

Define your acceptance criteria on a bid and use “go or no-go” decision metrics. Determine who is responsible for each aspect of the response with primary and backup accountability. Develop and document a repeatable process framework leveraging historic responses that can be tailored to fit each new bid.

Automate workflow and communication

Microsoft CRM and SharePoint will allow your team to search previously written responses and re-purpose language within a central location. Response portals used to store and tag previous proposals make it easy to search for the pieces that you need for a current response.

Monitor for tasks that are falling behind with automated workflow that ushers the bid response through the system, holding people accountable for completions of tasks within deadlines.  Past due alerts that hit the inbox of both the assigned Subject Matter Expert (SME) and his/her manager will get attention.

Technology makes a “single version of the truth” real with document management through SharePoint. SMEs can collaborate on one document to track changes and versions, and know that the final version is truly the final.

Keep your business development team on track to compete and win by leveraging technology to bid fast and smart. Contact Steve Kane (301-634-2404 and skane@broadpoint.net) at BroadPoint Technologies, Virginia’s most experienced Dynamics CRM Microsoft Partner.

2 thoughts on “Rapid Response Wins Government Contracts”

  1. Good Morning,

    I am new to Business Development with a small firm that currently has limited experience with CRM. We predominatley are a management, IT services, and software solutions. Can you provide me an unbiased analysis of MS Dynamics vs Deltek (which purports to be the best for Government contractors), vs a multipurpose solution that would aid us in both staffing as well as BD. We currently use AKKEN as our staffing CRM; I would like to get us on a univerals CRM system if one exists for BD (Government Contracts), HR, and Staffing.

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Hi Shane,

      We would be happy to discuss this with you. Can you pass along your email and/or phone information so we can set up a time to speak? Thanks very much.


      Don Carnevale
      Director of Marketing
      BroadPoint Technologies

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