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We know that your professional services business is probably a pretty busy place these days.  Your clients are asking for project proposals again and billable hours are on the rise.  The challenge our clients face is meeting the demand for quality proposals within the often accelerated deadlines.  One way they are handling this challenge is by using Microsoft Dynamics within Outlook.  This helps them get more proposals out the door with fewer mistakes and they never have to leave Outlook. 

We often hear the same frustrations such as “how can I manage all my client interactions?” or “the information I need is in different places…what can I do to simplify the process?”. The integrated Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution allows you to manage all your client activities without ever leaving Outlook.  All of the touch points for proposals and projects can be managed through CRM and all accessed directly through Outlook. Workflow will allow you to automate the proposal process with task assignments managed through Outlook calendar appointments and tasks.

Manage the entire project lifecycle

Another challenge our clients face is lack of communication across a project.  They have different people working on different documents, and no consistent place for everyone to view documents, schedules and status updates.  We recommended Microsoft Dynamics CRM to address these issues.  Since information is centralized in CRM, everyone in the organization can see the status of the proposal or project.  No more duplication of effort or assumptions that someone else is getting that task done.  Subcontractors and their activities supporting your project can be tracked so there are no crossed wires and missed deadlines. This leads to better visibility, better communication and more efficient project completion. 

The key is to provide clients with the knowledge, products, and training they need to be successful.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Outlook integration has proven to be a valuable tool in helping create a central repository for information.  This leads to improved communication, better utilization of resources, and higher quality work.  These are things that any project team would be thrilled to have.

Help your professional services team deliver proposals and projects faster and smarter.  Contact Steve Kane at 301-634-2404 ( to find out how BroadPoint Technologies, the premier Dynamics CRM reseller in Virginia, can help you build your professional services business.

by BroadPoint Technologies, a Virginia Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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