How to Choose Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software: 6 Questions To Ask Your Customer Service Manager

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Today competitive advantage increasingly depends on how organizations manage their customer relationships—and not simply on how well they design and build their products. Companies must implement strategies that enable them to be more customer-centric in a world where customer expectations will continue to escalate.

This guide can help you to plan discussions with your customer service manager to make informed decisions about how you can implement business processes to meet customer expectations.

Your customer service manager’s CRM priority: customer care

The customer service manager, who is responsible for cultivating advantageous customer relationships, considers the following when evaluating new systems:

Questions for the customer service manager

Your customer service manager has know-how for maintaining service efficiency and customer satisfaction:

1) What are the current barriers to good customer service that CRM technology might alleviate?

2) How much training do you foresee your team needing, and what suggestions can you make for accommodating training?

3) What does current survey data on customer satisfaction imply about our need for new tools?

4) What information do service representatives have difficulty or delays in accessing?

5) What is the company organized around? Customers, product, or service?

6) How can we make doing business with us easier for our customers?

Conclusion - How to Choose The Right CRM Software

Your customer service manager knows that customers are at the center of your CRM selection process and that technology solutions should accommodate customer service instead of customer service bending to fit the technology. The talking points in this article can help you get the information you need to keep your CRM decisions service-focused. The right CRM solution doesn't just make your life easier—it helps you succeed because it simplifies doing business with you.

By NextCorp, Ltd., Dallas Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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