How Microsoft Dynamics CRM Helps Improve Member Engagement

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Is your organization feeling squeezed as you look for association management solutions that fit your unique requirements? Most Association Management Systems (AMS) have either too much or too little functionality requiring extensive customization or lacking the flexibility to meet an association's specific needs.

BroadPoint Technologies recently presented an informational webinar to discuss how associations are improving member engagement through better system flexibility and tighter integration to existing technology than what traditional AMS products offer. The highlight of the presentation was a brief product demonstration showing how many organizations are leveraging Microsoft Dynamics CRM as their Association Management System.

In addition to the many features and functions of Dynamics CRM that associations are not utilizing, we also discussed the benefits of using a flexible solution such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM to interact with constituents.  Our association and not-for-profit clients are seeing improvements in:
·   Their ability to collect and manage contact information
·   Data query capabilities across the entire system to put that good data to work
·   Integration to commonly-used applications such as MS Excel and Outlook
·   Marketing and social media outreach to members and constituents
·   Correspondence and activity tracking...all in a single system
·   Data entry through use of a familiar interface (MS Outlook or Internet Explorer)
·   Customer support via a comprehensive partner and user group network

The webinar recording is now available for viewing on-demand on our web site.  If you have any questions on Dynamics CRM or how it can help improve member engagement, contact Don Carnevale, Director of Marketing, at BroadPoint Technologies, the mid-Atlantic’s largest Microsoft Dynamics partner.

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