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In today’s economy, we are seeing more and more trade, professional, and membership-based organizations struggling to stay within their operating budgets. For these associations, growing top line revenue means finding solutions outside the traditional Association Management Systems (AMS).

Many have turned to a new solution with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) approach that helps associations unify their lead, marketing, opportunity, and service management efforts.

The Limitations of Traditional AMS Solutions

Traditional AMS solutions are well suited for operational management like tracking event registration and dues. But when it comes to more sophisticated sales and marketing management, traditional AMS solutions fall short.

The problem is that many of the AMS features for sales and marketing are secondary or poorly integrated in the systems. To truly expand top line revenue, associations need to use a solution that not only focuses on sales and marketing efforts, but also addresses their particular needs.

A CRM for Associations Solution

With a CRM system, associations can exceed the limitations set by a traditional AMS and start following best practices for sales and marketing, including:

  • Conducting their membership team more like a sales team.
  • Developing an ongoing marketing campaign for growing new revenue.
  • Defining a measurable process for prospect and lead management. 


What can CRM do for your member-based organization?

  • Membership Management. Easily manage the information of your sponsors, donors, supporters, and members in a centralized way. Improve your recruitment and retention efforts.
  • Marketing Campaigns. Create and manage direct mail or email marketing campaigns of any size.
  • Revenue Capture. Track revenue opportunities and leads through the revenue capture process.


Microsoft CRM is the Customizable Solution

At the core of our CRM for Associations solution is Microsoft CRM. We keep all the great basic functions that come with Microsoft CRM, but customize it further to meet the needs of associations.

Microsoft CRM Features:

  • Browser-based application
  • Stand-alone use or integration with a current AMS solution
  • Marketing campaign automation
  •  Focused, personalized campaigns for members.
  • Email marketing campaigns for newsletters, events, training, etc.
  • Metrics and reporting on marketing and revenue generation
  • Management of constituent demographics and buying activities
  • Integrated case management
  • “On-premise” or “in the cloud” software installation


Though it’s a fairly new concept, the CRM for Associations solution has proven better, more effective sales, marketing, and service management for leading organizations. If you are a membership-based organization looking to grow top line revenue, consider implementing CRM as the first step.

Contact Steve Kane (301-634-2404 or to find out how BroadPoint Technologies, the premier Dynamics CRM reseller in Virginia, can help your organization.

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