Why Attend User Group Summit in Phoenix When You Can Just Login Online?

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It is true, the value of being a part of the Dynamic Communities User Groups is that they are available to members year round, 24/7. You can login online anytime, anywhere. There is virtual collaboration, training and support.

So why is it so valuable to also attend a live Dynamic Communities User Group event?

Delaney Freer, Events Marketing Manager at Dynamic Communities says, “I 100% believe that in-person events compliment all of the online learning and networking that is happening online in the user groups every day.

  • It is a chance for you to put voices and faces to names and deepen those connections you have made online. You are taking it to the next level. Meeting somebody face to face cements a relationship and makes you feel closer. You can keep that connection virtual year round and then you get excited when you know you're going to see them again next year at Summit.
  • You can sit in the same room with somebody who works at Microsoft and tell them exactly what your pain points are or what you would like to see in the next version. You can go to the medic station, you can have an MVP right in front of you and have them show you how to do something in five minutes that before took you an hour.
  • You can ask for a demo of an add-on product immediately, and just have them show you the exact parts you want to see, then move to the next booth in the expo and compare it to another product.

I definitely do not want to downplay the virtual side of things because it is so valuable, but I do think that the opportunities you get at an in-person event are incomparable.”

A Dynamics GP user and frequent attendee of Summit commented, “I think it’s important for customers to learn what’s going on from other companies in attendance. As far as doing things online, in my opinion, that is only good if you know what to ask. Most of the time, I learn different ways of doing things or something I didn’t think of from chatting with others. Another reason to attend is it gives us a chance to get out of the office and focus on GP without the constant interruptions.”

Come experience User Group Summit Phoenix for yourself.

User Group Summit Events: October 15-18, 2018, Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, AZ

AXUG Summit: https://www.axugsummit.com

BCUG/NAVUG Summit: https://www.navugsummit.com

CRMUG Summit: https://www.crmugsummit.com/

D365UG Summit: https://www.d365ugsummit.com/

GPUG Summit: https://www.gpugsummit.com

Power Summit: https://www.powerugsummit.com

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