Modernize Service Delivery with Digital Transformation

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Any service related company knows that your customers are your most important asset. If you serve your customers well, they will repay you with loyalty and referrals. They are what will ensure your reputation and your continued business growth.

More than ever before, digital technology is helping service workers deliver better customer experiences than ever before. From the field technician to the call center agent, connected information cuts through the delays and barriers to keep customers happy and boost productivity.

Exceed customer expectations

Your customers have choices; make sure they choose you over your competitors by providing the exceptional service they are looking for. Connected data and systems allow service departments to optimize scheduling, dispatching, parts management and customer interactions—no matter where they happen. By implementing connected systems, you can:

  • Provide service technicians with complete customer insight, real-time guidance and cross-team collaboration.
  • Improve first time fix rates by ensuring the best technician for the job is dispatched.
  • Use data collected through the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve service—from replacing lights in smart buildings to avoiding machine downtime with preventive services.

An example of using Information in the field

An HVAC company uses connected systems to notify their field service workers when they’ve been assigned a case, schedule them when they’re available, and route them in the most efficient way. Onsite, technicians have access to their inventory of parts that can be delivered next day.

When a job is completed, the customer signs their approval on a tablet. Automatic routing means the invoice leaves the main office before the service truck has pulled out of the customer’s driveway.

This is just one example of reinventing business models with digital transformation. Perhaps digital transformation could work for your business in ways you have not yet explored. Contributing members of the ERP/CRM/ERP Cloud Software Blogs have put together a white paper: What the Heck is Digital Transformation and What Does It Mean for Your Business?  Read 6 more real-life experiences of how digital transformation is working in unique ways to enhance business processes.

Download now and feel free to contact our expert authors listed at the bottom of the white paper for suggestions about how digital transformation can help you optimize your business operations.

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