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Dynamics CRM Portals Lead to Improvements in Customer Service and Cost Efficiency

We all know that this is the " age of the customer."  So how do you take your Dynamics CRM to the next level and improve your "customer satisfaction?"

For Microsoft's Dynamics CRM, it is through Microsoft's "Adxstudio Portals" that offers a personalized self-service ability, giving your customers 24/7 support and access to essential product, membership, order, and time-sensitive information. Designed with flexibility, this web-based portal is different from a basic website home page because it allows customers to access data and conduct tasks via the internet without having to talk or chat online with a company representative.

Microsoft  Dynamics CRM web portals are designed to meet your customers' needs, giving them more power on their own terms and schedule. And while they strengthen their personal connection with the organization, you increase the value of your CRM to everyone on your team through understanding your customer better.

Web portals are safe, secure, and convenient to use. With these self-managed, content-rich engagement platforms, you can: (1) increase customer satisfaction, and (2) cut costs and get more value from your CRM system.


6 Ways Dynamics CRM Portals Increase Your Customer Satisfaction

  • Customers can conduct business 24/7, not being limited to calling only during business hours, or waiting for a returned call, or wasting time while on "hold" when your rep is difficult to reach.
  • Customers can learn from other customers, such as looking for a solution to a problem via a forum.
  • Customers can become more educated by accessing knowledge bases, blogs, and other managed communications channels, such as conferences and webinars.
  • Customers can access information from desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
  • Customers will enjoy self-service and instant gratification -- personal factors in today's high-tech lifestyles.
  • Customers will avoid the inconvenience of having to use a "members only" website, but rather, interact immediately.


6  Ways Dynamics CRM Portals Cut Your Costs and Increase Your CRM's ROI

  • Your costs for customer service are less because customers, themselves, can retrieve time-sensitive and specific information, submit help-desk requests, update their contact records, purchase products, check order status, get return policy instructions, pay bills, schedule service, and view their entire account history -- without having to talk with your customer-service representatives.
  • You will increase the ROI for your CRM system through the added value of customer behavioral information.
  • You will gain a competitive advantage by cutting costs and increasing service.
  • You will enjoy a stronger engagement with customers that contributes to extending the Customer Lifetime Value.
  • Your employees will experience more effective communications. A portal not only helps customers, but helps your team focus on higher level issues. And remember that a portal can also be used for employees' self-service.
  • You will reduce time and errors in transaction processing by maintaining one version of the "correct" response.


Image of Hand Typing on Keyboard to Access CRM Portals


Interestingly, web portals can also help to prevent a sometimes problem with marketing automation: over-communicating with customers. Because a portal is personalized for a given customer, it assures just the right amount of communications and, accordingly, being a help rather than a possible pest from too much or irrelevant information.


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