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Here at Logan Consulting, a Chicago based Microsoft CRM Partner, we are constantly meeting with clients and prospects who are enjoying some of the most powerful features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to drive their sales productivity. We think you might enjoy this as well; here are some of our favorite ideas on how to empower your sales team and maximize your revenue with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • New highly predictive analytics capabilities allows sales teams to gain insight into their business and anticipate customer needs like never before. With Microsoft CRM's power BI pre-built dashboards and reports, you can now interact with your data and see just where your current strategies are leading your profits. CRM gives cross-sell recommendations through a customer or potential lead's social media activity. With the ability to suggest products that your customers actually want, CRM takes the guesswork out of the picture.
  • Everyone loves the thrill of a good competition, with Microsoft CRM's new "FantasySalesTeam" team-based competition module, sales operations managers can lead their team with confidence. This new feature allows you to set team goals, monitor results, and provide real-time feedback to ensure that everyone is on the same page. If something isn't working, team members will be able to see it in real time and make adjustments accordingly. This system is great not only for current team members, but also for easing new employees into the flow of operations.
  • Sales operation managers can tailor price lists based on territories. This feature is perfect for salespeople who spend a lot of time on the road. Based on the territory they are in on a certain day, or the customer segment that they are assigned to, they will be able to see the products that best fit the needs of consumers in the area.  CRM also gives the option to translate product attributes and metadata into a different language to ensure they have all the details they need to close the sale. Your customers will feel valuable, and your sales team will be at ease knowing that their recommendations aren't landing on deaf ears.
  • With the updated Microsoft Dynamics CRM app, salespeople will have the capability to stay connected with their customers anywhere, anytime. Mobility is synonymous with productivity, employees can now work on the go to quickly manage data to create new records, set reminders, schedule meetings and access all of the information they need to stay in the loop while out of the office on or offline.

For questions regarding Microsoft Dynamics CRM, reach out to us at Logan Consulting. We are always here to help!

by Logan Consulting

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