Reduce Your Custom Development Costs and Increase Usability With xRM

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By now most people have heard of the term “xRM” and how it opens up the possibility of building any application one can design.  However, a lot of businesses are still asking “what exactly is xRM and how can it work for me?"  By investing in xRM, not only will a company gain access to a solid product in Dynamics CRM, but that company will also be given a platform to build,at a reduced development cost, custom applications that are flexible, scalable and usable.

By using xRM, companies will have the ability to quickly stand up applications to suit key business functionality.  By using the same configuration tools present in CRM, these applications can be created and configured through a point-and-click interface.  Custom business rules can also be developed using a graphical workflow tool.  Furthermore, the user interface will be consistent across all applications, allowing for quicker user adoption and greater ease of use.  All of this is possible without writing a single line of code!

Should an application require advanced code, xRM easily allows developers to access the platform through known and reliable standards.  Not only is xRM built on the latest .NET Framework, but it also provides developers with a rich set of APIs to access application data and functionality.  With xRM providing the user interface and data access components, a company’s development team only has to worry about writing the key business logic.

Some of the other features provided by xRM at no additional cost are:

  • Access to applications through Microsoft Office
  • Analysis of application data in Microsoft Excel
  • Ability to work with application data offline and have any changes synchronized when the user comes back online
  • Rich dashboards and powerful business intelligence tools
  • Simple interface to secure applications
  • Additional applications from Microsoft

by David Gottlieb of FMT Consultants, LLC, a California Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Dynamics CRM and GP.

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