Hello world…Introducing Joe CRM

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So, since I’m new around here (my first post)  just to get it out of the way I thought I’d do a quick intro. I’m Joe CRM, the “voice” of PowerObjects, a leading Microsoft Dynamics CRM/xRM partner based in Minneapolis with offices in Dallas and San Antonio as well. I’m honored to be aboard along with all of the other fine Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner organizations that contribute some great content to this blog.  I promise to do my best to pull my weight and add information to the blog that educates and informs - and maybe even entertains once in awhile.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM/xRM is our ONLY business and we’ve helped many (really, a whole bunch) of organizations, large and small realize the benefits of choosing Microsoft CRM/xRM as their platform for everything from a classic Sales Force Automation solution to Patient Relationship Management, Project Management, People Management and even Pet Food Production management!

If you haven’t figured it out already from reading some of the other partner posts on this blog, one of the great things about Microsoft Dynamics CRM/xRM is that you have the Power of Choice in how you deploy a solution. You can choose to implement On-(your) premise, you can choose to have Microsoft host and manage it for you with CRM Online, or have your solution hosted by those partners that have made the investment in enterprise scale data centers (like PowerObjects). Bottom line is that you HAVE the choice – and  can change your mind and move from one option to another if your needs change.

So, I’ll stop with the shameless plug, I mean the introduction….and ask you to watch for future posts from me, Joe CRM, and let me know what you think….

Happy CRM’ing

By Joe CRM at PowerObjects, a leading Minnesota-based Microsoft Gold Certified partner providing Microsoft Dynamics CRM and xRM solutions.

1 thought on “Hello world…Introducing Joe CRM”

  1. Dear Expert

    I am working on leads and quick campaigns.
    On leads I am working with schools and a government entity called NYDA. I want to seperate the two according to their categories. To have schools and SME for NYDA.

    In Quick campaigns I want to send them to a particular lead source. Lets say my lead source is a web. How can I just send them to that web source only.

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