How To Have Fun Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Dynamics CRM is fun.  That’s Right F U N! -  Selling it, using it, customizing it, and exploring all the possibilities! 

What is fun about selling Dynamics CRM?  

That answer is simple:  watching future users who have come into a demo with a preconceived notion of what a CRM has available from their days with other CRM packages and seeing them light up when the out of box functionality gives them what they truly need;   feeling the excitement that builds as users begin to understand Dynamics CRM capabilities and experiencing their enlightenment as they determine how they can use the tool to save time and money, improve efficiency and knowledge and most importantly increase revenue and reach more prospects and customers.

What is fun about using Dynamics CRM?

After years of struggling with slow and cumbersome tools for our CRM needs, our switch to Dynamics CRM made the task of managing customer relationships quick and easy.  The “track in CRM” email feature with the “set regarding” capability made tracking project communication simple.  And since we use Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Suite which has Outlook available whenever I’m online - The integration to Outlook allows for all the information I need to be at my disposal when I need it, which is usually “Right Now”.

What is fun about Customizing Dynamics CRM?

Well, I’ve been in the IT industry for over 20 years starting during the mainframe days and have seen quite a bit of change.  So to me, the Dynamics CRM/xRM platform is revolutionary.   Adding a new field, putting it on a form and getting it on a report has never been this simple and powerful.  On top of that, adding a whole new entity, relating it to an existing entity, and building maintenance forms…that has always been measured in days or weeks,   not minute or hours.  There are plenty of people exposing the capabilities of this platform, so I’m just going to sum it up with saying I’m beyond giddy over it.

What is fun about exploring the capabilities of Dynamics CRM?

Alright, exploring the capabilities of software has always been fun.  Stretching the boundaries of what can be done with a system and discussing how business problems can be solved with the tools and software we have is why I’m in this business.   However, what makes Dynamics CRM more enjoyable than other systems is that when we ask, “How can we solve a relationship based problem?”  we’re able to come up with a realistic solution.  Since most software has been written for the masses, it never meets the needs of everyone, but making it do so with Dynamics CRM is a pleasant experience.

How can you join in the fun?

Simple, go to one of the many sites that have information on Dynamics CRM  take a tour and view or better yet, give a call to a Dynamics CRM partner and start having some FUN!

By:  Bill Reckard of Meritide, a Minnesota Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner and Minneapolis GP Partner

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