Dynamics CRM Online Spring '14: Top 5 Features You Might Not Know About

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To get ready for CRM Online Spring ‘14 update, we are highlighting some of the enhancements in the new update.

1. More links in the Command Bar

Dynamics CRM 2013 is designed to simplify the user experience. The busy ribbon of CRM 2011 was replaced with the simplified Command Bar in CRM 2013. in the RTM release, the Cammand Bar limited visible links to the first five, additional links were hidden under the “more options” (…) button.

Many users found this limitation to be too limiting, so Spring ’14 increases the number of visible buttons to 7 (a 40% increase).


2. Cases are mobile

In CRM 2013 RTM, you could access cases on the tablet app, but they were read only. In Spring ’14, Cases can now be created and edited in the tablet app. Just in time for those nifty new Case features.



3. Choose your version when you export solutions

Now that CRM 2013 is at the first Service Pack, you may find that you need to create a solution to be imported into an organization that is still on the RTM release. For example, if you set up a CRM Online organization now, you will get a Spring ’14 organization, but if you also have an on premise RTM organization, you need to be able to move customizations between the organizations.

When you export a solution from CRM 2013 Spring ’14, you will have the option to export as a 6.0 (RTM) or 6.1 (SP1/Spring ’14) solution. If you choose 6.0, the solution will remove any SP1 features and fields from the solution, leaving you with a solution that can be cleanly imported into your RTM organization.


4. Embed reports (again)

Shortly after the release of CRM 2013, Microsoft updated the CRM ReportViewer control for Internet Explorer. While this fixed some issues, one byproduct was that reports embedded in an iFrame no longer rendered correctly. With the Spring ’14 update, reports once again work in iframes.


5. Duplicate Detection: It’s back

SP1 brings back form-level duplicate detection notifications on create and update of records. Duplicate detection rules and duplicate detection job functionality was included in CRM 2013, but the form duplicate detection pop-up was not included in CRM 2013 RTM. By popular demand, it is back. If you have published duplicate detection rules in your environment, you should once again begin to see duplicate detection notifications when an insert or update triggers a duplicate detection rule.


Microsoft is listening

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 was a bold move for Microsoft, making many major changes to reimagine the CRM interface. This update builds on that foundation and shows that while Microsoft is moving forward very quickly, they are still listening to users and giving them what they want.

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