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The line separating the sales and marketing teams is becoming less and less clear. At our recent BDO Connections Conference, keynote speaker George Brown talked about how the marketing team is actively disrupting the sales team. While these still remain two separate functions, this disruption is a sign about how valuable your marketing team’s activities are to your sale’s efforts.

In the digital age, information is everything. As we talked about in our “Marketing with CRM – Why tracking your customers in the key to understanding them and their needs” blog post, using CRM to tracking consumer data and marketing initiatives gives us deep insights into our current and potential customers. This consumer information is not just valuable to our marketing initiatives, but also the sales teams who can use it to get a better understanding of the exact products or services the consumer needs.

Let’s take an example of how marketing in CRM can help the sales team.

Consumers today are doing over 50% of the purchase decision making process before they contact a sales rep. This means that they are researching and reviewing your organization and your products and services extensively before they think about contacting you. This research might include engaging with your marketing initiatives such as attending events, following you on social media or subscribing to your email blasts. Often though the consumer isn’t able to learn or understand everything they are reviewing which is where the sales team can come in to bring further insight and help them better understand. Using the data available to them, the sales team can see all the different interactions the consumer has had with your organization. This would tell them what pages they visited and stayed on the longest, what emails they opened and links they clicked, what event topics they attended, and what questions they have asked on social media.

Often one of the biggest contributors to client acquisition and retention is quality of service that is being offered and making sure that all the customer’s needs are met. While our marketing teams can use CRM and data tracking to ensuring our current and potential customers know about all the great products or services we offer, our sales teams can use the same information to ensure we are meeting and delivering on their exact needs.

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By Chuck Harris, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions Consultant with BDO Solutions, Canada

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