When Building a Sales Process, a House, or a Cupcake…Have a Plan

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CupcakeDeveloping a CRM solution for your business is a lot like building a house.  You can jump in and start slapping up walls, pipes and wires, and then cross your fingers and hope everything comes out the way you imagined, or you can spend some time planning.  A good plan illustrates the end-result of your product, as well as the parts and pieces you’ll need to include along the way.

The best way to see how your CRM solution will look is to put your development workflow plan on paper.  By using old-school design techniques, you’ll have an opportunity to see how your screens and printed materials will look instead of relying on your imagination.  A good plan also walks you through the workflow process, so you can see how information will travel throughout your organization.  Lastly, you’ll have a chance to implement changes and fine-tune your CRM System before the customization process begins, which will result in a HUGE cost savings for you.

At P2 Automation, we use an HP DesignJet 111 large format printer capable of printing 24” x 36” sheets. We specialize in developing business workflow processes, data collection, and workplace productivity using technology like Microsoft CRM Online and SharePoint Online. Contact Us Today to learn how you can improve your workforce productivity.

P2 Automation is a Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner.

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