Quotes Made Easy for Our Energy Distributors with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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New functionality in the Energy Solution powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes creating a quote easy.  But if you’re not an energy distributor, there’s still value for you to keep reading.  By utilizing the XRM capability, you can customize your own sales module to meet your needs. 

Quotes are essential to any sales process.  Sales people spend a lot of time creating quotes for customers. It stands to reason then, that having an easy, user friendly way of accomplishing this can be an advantage for any sales team. 

Creating quotes directly out of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM base functionality works fine.  First, you enter some basic information about the quote and then comes the more time-intensive part, entering all the products.  Many of our customers have told us that it just seems to be “clicky”, particularly if you have to enter a lot of products on the quote.  Entering one product at a time is cumbersome. 

To make this more user friendly, we added the ability to create quote templates.  A lot of salespeople create similar quotes for many of their customers.  With this new functionality, they can setup these “standard type quotes” as templates including the products that they typically include on the quote.  When it comes time to creating a new quote for a customer they can start with a template and only have to make a few adjustments specific to the customer they are dealing with and the quote is done.  The process is very quick and easy once you’ve created the original template.

Another feature we’ve added is the ability to copy Products from an existing Quote to the Quote you are currently creating.  This comes in handy when you’re working on a quote for a customer and you want to create a quote similar to a quote you provided them with in the past.  No reason to re-invent this, simply copy the products from the first quote and adjust accordingly.

Our clients are seeing the benefits of these enhancements.  One even called it a “game changer”.  These changes didn’t take a lot of time or effort.  It just required a little creativity and time spent thinking like a user to come up with the right set of changes that would make it easier.  As a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Certified Gold Partner, we see these types of situations each day and work with our customers to resolve them in the best, most efficient manner possible.

To learn more about our custom energy solution, contact us.   We would be happy to give you a demo or a free 30-day trial, to see if our solution meets your needs.

By Ledgeview Partners – Wisconsin based Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner serving the Midwest and Heartland regions


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