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One of the features in Dynamics CRM Sales functionality is the seamless process that takes you from an Opportunity to creating a Quote and converting it to an Order and an invoice. Detailed and well-presented price quotation can win you the business. The generic quote report included in Dynamics CRM out of the box lacks the flexibility required by most CRM users. Over 70% of the tailored reports we design in Dynamics Objects are for quotes. They include everything from adding a company logo, inserting fields from the quote entity or linked entities to inserting complete tables from entities linked to the Quote entity.

In the following scenario, the company provides products and consulting services. The services are charged per hour, based on the person that provides the service and area of expertise. Both the products and the consulting services are presented, in two separated tables, in the price quotation which is part of  a two page price quotation document, including terms and conditions.

For the purpose of this report, We created a new entity “Consulting Services” with n:n relationships with the quote entity.  The reason we used n:n relationships is to allow the customer to set up a list of consultants, area of expertise and hourly rates. When a salesperson creates a new price quotation he just has to select the relevant consultants for the project and add them to the quote, rather than re-enter their details for every new quote. We also customized the quote form to include a grid that displays the selected consultants just below the grid that displays the selected products.

The report reads from existing products in the quote entity and displays them in one table under the header: Products, and reads the selected records of consultant services, linked to the quote, and displays the consultant name, expertise and hourly rate in a different table under the header: Additional Services.

To view the report and the solution details: www.DynamicsObjects.com

by DNN Integration Dynamics CRM


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